7 Ways to Chase Your Fellow Bloggers Away From Your Blog for Good

Greetings, friends and fellow bloggers! How about some advice to help you out? I’ve been tagged by Alicia from Writing Spark, so, please enjoy some blogging tips! By the way, Alicia thanks! This is the first time I’ve ever been tagged. I enjoy this stuff, but have never been tagged by anyone. Keep me in mind for future tags.

In no particular order, here are 7 Ways to Chase Your Fellow Bloggers Away From Your Blog for Good:

1 – Do not reply to comments. I try to reply to the comments when I can, especially those who ask me a question, however, because Blogger doesn’t have a “subscribe to comments” feature, I’m not sure if my replies are always read. I sent in this suggestion to Blogger, but don’t know if they’ll listen… and if I’m the only Blogger member to ever suggest a “subscribe to comments” feature, then there’s a good possibility my suggestion was deleted and forgotten.

2 – Don’t update your blog. Sure, we all have emergencies that may keep us from blogging, which I’m sure fellow bloggers will understand, but making a habit of this could send your fellow bloggers elsewhere.

3 – Only fill your blog with pay per post type ads and affiliate links. Basically, your blog is only for advertising. I admit that I participate in some of the pay per posts for a little extra spending money, but I try not to fill my blog with them, and if I can, I try to at least give helpful advice to my readers in those posts,. I also try to only accept those related, or closely related, to my blog.

4- Place a lot of grammar and/or spelling errors throughout your content. Everyone makes mistakes, and I understand a blog is like a journal for many, but TOO many grammar and/or spelling mistakes could cause a fellow blogger to click-away and never return, especially if you do this often. (Yes, I know, it’s probably coming now… you’re going to let me know about my mistakes, and I hope I’m not guilty of making TOO many on a constant basis. Nevertheless, I will listen if you speak, and I’ll do my best to avoid it next time.)

5 – And the latter leads me to this one: Be rude to your commenters for pointing out a mistake to you or giving you feedback. I can understand if the commenter was rude to you first, but if they were nice in the way they let you know, then you should at least thank them for pointing out your mistake(s), and then try to avoid the mistake(s) next time. After all, criticism only makes us better at what we do, right?

6 – Create a title then blog about something totally unrelated to the content of that post.

7 – Start a blog about one thing, but blog about something different. For example, you start a blog to give advice about animals/pets, but blog about sports instead. What happens? Before you’re fellow bloggers click-away from you forever, they ask themselves, “What on Earth does this have to do with pets?”

I will honestly admit that I’m guilty of some — or maybe all — of the things mentioned above, and most of them I did in the beginning, when I didn’t know as much as I do now. Therefore, some of these are written from my own experience, and I admitted to doing them with the hopes that maybe you’ll learn from my faults. For example, in the beginning, I was guilty of not updating my blog with new posts as often as I should have, and each day I watched my traffic slowly decrease. Then once I started blogging more often, I smiled in relief as I watched the traffic to my blog increase greatly.

I hope my advice will help you keep your fellow bloggers coming back to your blog instead of clicking-away. If you find that you’re guilty of any of these things, change them now and hopefully you’ll win back any fellow bloggers you’ve lost. Happy blogging, friends!

I believe the way this works is I now have to tag a few people, so here goes my tags: Jennifer Mattern, Laura Spencer, Michele L. Tune and anyone else who would like to participate. I can’t wait to read y’all’s advice.

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