8 Things a Man Might Say to a Woman That Could Land Him in the Doghouse …

I thought this would be fun so here it goes:

1) “Oh, she’s just a hitchhiker I picked up on the side of the road.”
2) “Honey, have you put on a little weight?”
3) “Did you see the size of that woman’s breasts!?” (This one may even earn you a slap upside the head … LOL.)
4) “Do you plan on wearing that out tonight?”
5) “Not meatloaf again!”
6) “I’m going to Hooters with the guys tonight, dear.”
7) Her: “Our anniversary’s coming up.”
Him: “When is that again?” (Note, I can’t scold my hubby for not remembering anymore, but that’s another story that I’ll definitely have to tell you about in a few more days.)
8) “You’re mother’s coming over again!”

How about some more fun? I would like to challenge you to make your own list of things a man might say to his woman that could land him in the doghouse. Once you’ve created your list, post it on your blog then come back here and leave a comment with the link to your list. I’d love to read your list too, and I’m sure the men may want to make a mental note of these things as well. 😉 Go ahead and try it. It really is fun!


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