Achieve Success Without College

Having faith will help you achieve success without college
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Are you putting off your dreams because you lack a college education? Well, then, I encourage you to start following your dreams again. I’m serious; don’t put those dreams on hold any longer just because you don’t have a college degree or certification. Although college helps, if you don’t have the funds right now or are too busy at the present time, you can still work towards your dreams and achieve success without college. Then when you have the money and time to pursue your college education, go for it. Until that time, here are eight secrets that will help you achieve success without college.

The Secrets to Success Without College

1. Create a plan. Sit down and write out a plan that includes how and where you’ll promote your products, services, website and/or blog(s). After you’ve created a plan, you’re going to need a work and marketing schedule to help you manage your time.

2. Set realistic goals. Setting goals gives you something to work toward and gets you closer to achieving success without college. Furthermore, if you’re anything like me, the goals will motivate you to move forward with your career.

Your list of goals should include your desired income, projects you wish to complete by a certain date and anything else that you’d like to accomplish. When you begin listing your goals, start out with small goals. If you try to dream big at first, chances are you’re not going to meet those huge goals, and this could leave you frustrated and uninspired.

Review your goal list every month/year to see how many goals you met. For the ones you accomplished, set a new goal to achieve even more. For instance, if one of your goals was to make at minimum of $1,000 a month and you met that goal, increase the amount to $1,500 or $2,000 a month.

3. Set aside time to learn. Even with over 10 years writing, editing, research and marketing experience, I still study books and websites. You must always be willing to learn more and keep up with the trends in the industry to hone your skills. After all, the more you learn the closer you get to reaching success without college.

4. Take chances. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Most of the time success happens by learning from mistakes. That said, if you think something could be successful in relation to your business, try it. If it fails, then you will have learned something from the mistake, and if you succeed, then pat yourself on the back. Not everything you try will fail, but you’ll never know what works and what doesn’t if you don’t try.

5. Have faith. Have faith in yourself and in the Lord. Most of my success has come from prayer. I always pray before sending a query and after responding to a writing job. I believe that if it’s what the Lord wants for me, He will do what He believes is best for me and my writing career. All I have to do is believe myself and leave the rest in the Lord’s hands, and He usually answers when the time’s right. It may not always be the answer I’m hoping for, but I understand and continue my relationship with the Lord.

Prayer really does work, friends. And the stronger your relationship with the Lord, the more he’ll watch over you and look out for you… in life and in business.

6. Be patient. Success won’t happen over night. As long as you have patience, continue studying to sharpen your skills, market your business and build your brand things should start happening for you over time.

7. Be kind. As your business grows, you will encounter clients, customers and/or readers that you may not get along with. Some will criticize your work, others will disagree with you, and some clients will be difficult to work with and please. Regardless, you must be kind in order to reach success without college.

If a client and/or reader criticizes you, listen and take notes. Many times you’ll learn from the advice they give. For those who disagree with you, everyone’s entitled to his/her own opinion, so just thank them for their comments, and if you like, feel free to explain why you believe the way you do, but do it in a nice way.

8. Share your knowledge with others. Write articles and/or create a blog to share what you will learn. By sharing your experiences and helping others, you’ll build a good reputation for yourself and your business.

There you have it: the secrets to achieving success without college. By no means do I believe I’m successful yet, but I have achieved many things and reached many of my goals over the years, and I’ve done it all without a college degree. All I do is apply the aforementioned advice in everything I do.

Do you have any further advice on how one can achieve success without college? Feel free to share what you know in the comments area below.


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