Amazon’s Black Friday Sales — Big Savings for Writers!

I’m not a morning person, I don’t like to shop, and I hate fighting big crowds, so you won’t find me camping out in front of any store during the Black Friday sales. However, like many others, I do love a great bargain, especially when the bargains mean big savings for writers. How do I take advantage of all the bargains offered during Black Friday if I don’t camp out in front of the stores like thousands of other early birds? Simple, I grab a cup of coffee, fire-up the laptop and shop online to see what big savings I can discover for writers. As I embark on my online shopping spree during Black Friday, I’ll head to Amazon. This year during Amazon’s Black Friday sales I’ll discover big savings for writers on books and electronics. How about you, are you looking for big savings for writers during the Black Friday sales, and would you rather avoid the crowd and shop online? I thought so, and that’s why I decided to create a short list of big savings for writers from Amazon’s Black Friday sales.

Amazon’s Black Friday Book Sales

Amazon’s usual price: $22.95

Amazon’s usual price: $15.00

Amazon’s usual price: $19.95

Amazon’s Black Friday Electronics Sale

Amazon’s usual price: $52.32

Amazon’s usual price: $229.99

Amazon’s Black Friday price: Less than $70.00 (click image for price)
Amazon’s usual price: $129.99

Amazon’s usual price: $949.99

Happy shopping!

Photo credit: Sister 72

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