An Extra Hour to Write… Hooray!

Let’s not forget to set our clocks back one hour tonight. Just think… we’ll have one extra hour to write. Yes, I know, after a few months it’ll probably be back to normal until spring, and then we’ll be thinking — for a few months again — that we’re losing that extra hour. I’ve always wondered why they really had to change time anyway.

On another note, I followed a link from Writing Thoughts and discovered a great blog by a writer, editor and literary agent. His name is Terry Whalin, and his blog is The Writing Life. I’m sharing the link with you because I think you’ll enjoy his blog as well. He really does give some great writing advice! I’ve read a few of his archives, and when I have more time, I plan to read even more and encourage you to check out his archives as well. One post I found interesting was Build Your Audience. In addition, he talks about how he obtained several Five Star reviews at Amazon in his Power of Asking post. Both these posts offer great advice for writers if you’d like to check them out. Heck, just check out his entire blog… he’s very inspiring!

Well, it’s short tonight, and I certainly hope it was sweet too. To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back.”


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