Another Year Older and Feeling It

Time moved forward early this year, and it just so happens that it was on my birthday. The bad news: I turned another year older one hour earlier. The good news: My birthday ended one hour earlier… LOL. I just had to say that, but it’s so true.

I hit the 32 mark! And boy, did I ever feel my age Saturday afternoon! My hubby took me house shopping again for my birthday, because at this point all I want is a new home, so I asked him to take me house shopping for my birthday. Anyway, we went on Saturday afternoon to two places in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. We walked through I don’t know how many modular homes, but by the end of the day, I was pooped. My feet hurt from walking so much and my back was killing me. Today, my legs are sore from all the walking. Of course, that tells me I’m totally out of shape. Plus, I spend so much time sitting at my desk writing I don’t get the exercise I should be getting, and Saturday showed me how out of shape I really was. Hmm… maybe I need to make a spot on my writing schedule for some much needed exercise.

I don’t think the house shopping would have been too bad if we didn’t walk through every single home on the lots, but my husband insisted we walk through all of them. At least he treated me to a birthday supper at Ryan’s in Marion, Illinois afterward, though.

During our shopping adventure, we found two homes that we really liked. We accepted the floor plans then took them home to discuss which home we really want. Now that we’ve come to an agreement on one, it looks like my afternoon on Thursday will be spent making some phone calls. We do plan to look at a couple more lots near home, but we’ve pretty much covered them all, and I think we’ve settled on this one home, so I’ll make the calls Thursday to see where we go from there. I will keep you up to date. In fact, once we get our new home, you can look forward to seeing pictures.

Well, I’ll let you go for now. While blogging, I ended up with an article idea, and if I don’t write that idea down and file it for later, I’ll forget it. That’s part of a writer’s life, friends, if we think of the idea and don’t record it for later, 99% of the time we forget what the idea was.


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