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The Smoky Mountains

Yes, it has been a while since I blogged. I went on a four day vacation that started on May 7 and sadly it looks as if my vacation is over. Not only is my vacation over, but my to-do list has increased. Ah, yes, that’s what happens when you go on vacation… you return to a large to-do list…LOL… I’ve managed to reply to my fan mail and other e-mails, but I still have some submissions that came in for Coffee Break for Writers that I need to read and reply to. If you sent a submission for the e-zine, hang in there and I’ll try to reply soon.

I must say, it’s nice to be home. I missed my bed and my pillows. I meant to take my pillows with me on our trip, but I forgot them. It never fails; I always forget something. 🙂 We stayed at the Super 8 Motel in Garner, North Carolina and I must say the bed was not that comfortable. Of course, no bed is as comfortable as your own, right? The toilet paper… well, it was what we country folks refer to as “John Wayne toilet paper.”

Other than an uncomfortable bed and “John Wayne toilet paper,” the service was satisfactory. I will be writing a review on the hotel soon. I also plan to write a few articles on the attractions (things to do and see). We drove through the Smoky Mountains and they were beautiful (see pics above). Since the drive was so long, and we had to be in North Carolina before my step-daughter’s graduation, we only drove through the Smoky Mountains. However, one day I would love to return and explore all that the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee has to offer.

The Graduate
The graduation was nice but certainly different to me. I’m from a small Southern Illinois town where graduations only include a few students (around 30 or a little more), but in a city like North Carolina, the graduation ceremonies are different and include more than 100 graduates. My step-daughter’s high school graduation was held outdoors and it was HOT! There were so many people in attendance that if you didn’t get a front row seat, you could barley see the area where the graduates received their diplomas. They did have an area where parents and other relatives could stand to take pictures, and I stood in that area to get the picture of my step-daughter. After I took her picture, I returned to my seat with my husband and step-son. Basically, it was a long, hot day, but now my step-daughter will begin her life in the Navy. She should be leaving for boot camp in a week or so. She seems to have her goals all planned as well. We’re all very proud of her and wish her the very best in whatever career she chooses.

Enough said for tonight, as I have to catch up on that long to-do list now. I will blog more later.

My step-son, hubby and step-daughter at the hotel room


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