Back to Work After the Thanksgiving Fun

I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Despite a few unexpected events, my Thanksgiving went well. On Thursday, my husband, stepson and I enjoyed the delicious Thanksgiving feast that my aunt prepared for the family. After we all chatted for a while, my husband, stepson and I walked across the yard to my cousin’s house. Once there, my cousin, his wife and a couple of our friends had some Thanksgiving fun. With our bellies full and about to explode, we sit around the table and played Balderdash. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the game, but it’s a hoot to say the least. Balderdash is a family game, and the more the merrier. If you love playing games with friends and family, then you should defiantly invest in Balderdash!

After Balderdash, we decided to play Pictionary. After an hour of Pictionary, we then switched to Charades. Needlesstosay, we played games until 1:00 am in the morning. We may have lost track of the time, but it was all fun! In fact, I had planned on coming home that night and working, but when everyone decided to play games, my plans changed. Oh well, I needed the holiday break.

I still was unable to return to work Friday, because I had my own Thanksgiving feast to prepare for Saturday. Since my ex had the kids on Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t get them until the weekend, and the kids wanted to have Thanksgiving with me, so we agreed that I would do a small Thanksgiving get-together at my house, just for the kids, of course.

Because I had a dinner to prepare and some housecleaning left to do, I couldn’t get in my hours of writing. Instead, I baked pies until 4:00 am, and then I went to bed to get a little sleep, because I had to get up to finish things at 9:30 am. My guest list consisted of my mother, my father and his girlfriend, my brother and his wife, and finally, my brother-in-law.

Saturday I woke at 9:00 am and began cooking, unaware of what would soon take place. Later, my mother called to report that she wouldn’t be able to make it, because she was sick. I could tell that from talking to her, she sounded horrible. Since she had planned to cook a pumpkin cake, I didn’t cook pumpkin pies. However, because she was sick, I told her not to worry about the pumpkin cakes. She said she would send the ham that she had already cooked as well as the macaroni and cheese by my brother. Because of this unexpected event, I added two pumpkin pies to my menu that morning. Next, my brother-in-law wasn’t going to be able to make it, because he couldn’t walk. Turns out he pulled the tendons in his foot and was couch-ridden. My dad stopped by that morning just to see the kids and said he wouldn’t make it because he had to work. Therefore, our only guests were my brother and his wife. We had enough food to feed an army, and regardless of the number of guests, the kids as well as everyone else still enjoyed themselves.

All the Thanksgiving fun has ended for another year and tonight I’m back to my passion: writing. Yes, I’m aware that Christmas is just around the corner, but I’m certain I can get a lot of writing done in a month.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you have any unexpected events at the last minute?


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