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Dad was released from the hospital Saturday and spent the night with us. Although he was still a bit weak, he looked 100% better and said he felt great. I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing it is to see dad back to his old self again. So thanks to everyone who prayed and we ask that you continue to pray.

In the coming weeks and new year, Dad will undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments for the Lymphoma and Leukemia, but he’s assured us he’ll be around for a while to still “pester” us. In fact, he said the Lord had His reasons for keeping him here on Earth for a while longer, and I’m so glad the Lord has given us more time with dad, especially during the holidays.

The cancer has spread throughout dad’s body, but the latest test results revealed that it had not spread to his brain. We’re thankful for this bit of good news and pray that the cancer won’t reach his brain. The confusion and hallucinations came from lack of oxygen and not what everyone feared, so again, we’re thankful.

Since dad’s back home and doing better, I’ll be back to writing and blogging. There will be times when I have to take dad to the doctor as well as to his treatments, but I’m pretty certain I can manage that and write too. Besides, I’ve missed writing and look forward to getting back to it. I had dusted off some personal projects that I was working on before dad’s illness, so I’ll be returning to those as well. It seems like everytime I dust off the personal projects and start planning more projects for the future to launch, something always goes wrong that causes a bigger delay. However, I’m thankful this delay didn’t last as long as I feared it would.

I’ll let you go now so I can get back to writing, and no matter what your resolutions and goals are for the New Year, make your number one resolution or goal to tell your loved ones how much you love them and what they mean to you, and then top it off with a gigantic hug! You never know what tomorrow will bring, so make this the number one priority on your list of New Year’s resolutions and/or goals.

May you and yours have a wonderful holidays and a blessed New Year!


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