Big Brother 8 has Arrived!

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Hooray! Big Brother 8 has arrived. As many of you may already know, I’m a big reality TV fan, but one of my all time favorite reality TV shows is Big Brother. I anxiously wait for this show every year, and when it arrives, I jump up and down shouting with excitement. In case you can’t tune in for some reason, I will be writing recaps of Big Brother 8 for Associated Content. I just finished submitting the first recap today, so as soon as it’s published I’ll post the link to it on my Myspace blog for you to read. You’re also welcome to read my Big Brother 8 recaps even if you did get to see the show; some like to relive what they just watched. My recaps will include screenshots as well.

Last year I watched the live feeds, however, I promised myself I wouldn’t watching them this year. When I watched last year, I have to admit I didn’t get much writing done. I tell ya, those Big Brother 8 live feeds are VERY addictive. I never would have thought I could get addicted to watching people live in a house and sleep, but when I first started watching the live feeds, I surprised myself at how quick I became addicted. With that said, this year I’m forcing myself not to go to the site and subscribe, but I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. Blogging about it is making me want to surf on over right now. No, I can’t. I told myself I wouldn’t. Of course, if I do break the promise to myself, I guess I could write some recaps of the live feeds. Hmmm, interesting. Okay, I need to stop this and move on to blogging about something other than the Big Brother 8 live feeds. Don’t be surprised though if next time I blog, you read that I broke the promise and have been watching the Big Brother 8 live feeds.

Since Big Brother 8 just started, I’ve not decided who my favorite houseguests are this year. I do like Daniele. She seems sweet, but we’ll see if her personality continues to win me over. As for her father, Dick, I’m not quite sure what to think about him yet. So far, I think he has some skeletons hid in his closet that hasn’t come out yet, and those skeletons may be the reason Daniele rejects him. Do you remember Howie from last year? Well, I’m not certain yet, but I think Dick may be just as much of a flirt as Howie was. Do you have a favorite houseguest yet? What do you think of Dick? Let me know by commenting.

I’ll go now as I have a few more articles to edit then submit, and these articles have been setting in my documents folder for about three days now. Yep, I’ll definitely be looking at those with a fresh set of eyes. 🙂

Do you watch the Big Brother 8 live feeds and chat? If so, comment and let me know which software you use to watch the feeds, and mention the name you chat with. Why? Because if I do happen to break the promise to myself, I’d love to chat with you while we watch the Big Brother 8 houseguests together. 😉


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