Blogging Before Bed

It seems after a long month I have finally gotten everything caught up. With everything caught up I can take a breather from things, but now my problem is I’m at a loss for words. I don’t even really know what to blog about and I’m sleepy, so I think after I blog, I will snuggle up to my hubby and visit dream land. 🙂 It’s cold here in these early morning hours today, and I know my hubby’s all nice and toasty warm, so if I get off here soon and snuggle to him, I’ll be warm in no time. 😉

I’m sure you want to read something other than “I’m sleepy” and how I’m going to snuggle to hubby in bed, so I’ll tell you a little about my weekend. On Sunday, hubby and I went out to eat. We had Chinese food again; boy, am I ever getting tired of eating Chinese on Sunday. Anyway, after we ate, we walked down to Radio Shack, and there I priced some laptop computers. After Christmas, I plan on investing in a laptop. I need a backup, and the laptop will also come in handy when I write the daily updates on As the World Turns. It will be so much easier to type the update instead of writing it on paper.

My husband and I shop and buy things from our local Radio Shack often. We choose them over Wal-Mart, because their customer service is excellent! Anytime we have a problem with something we buy from there they exchange it with no questions ask, and it doesn’t matter how long we’ve had the item either. Plus, the sales associates seem to know the products they’re selling, and since I don’t know much about laptops, other than what I need, I was able to tell the sales associate exactly what I needed and she helped me find a laptop that would be just right for me. She printed out the paper for me to take home, and I told her when I return to buy it I would make sure she was the one I bought it from (I think they get a commission on what they sell).

If I go to the Walmart in my area, I don’t get customer service like this. One time my cousin and I waited 45 minutes for help carrying out a folding table. We requested assistance, and they said they would send someone right over to furniture, but after 45 minutes, no one showed, and the lady that told us she would send us help kept walking by and looking at us. We finally got tired of waiting, so I carried the table up to the checkout myself. By the time I got to checkout, I couldn’t hardly breath (I have asthma). My cousin told them what just happened in the back, but they didn’t seem to care. This wasn’t the only time I’ve had problems with Harrisburg Walmart. I bought a printer there one year ago, and when I got it home, it broke. The very next day I took the printer back, and I was happy because they did exchange it with another one, however, that same printer broke and done the exact same thing the last one did. I couldn’t get back to the store for a week, but one week later, I did return the second printer and told them what it had done. I wasn’t a happy camper this time around, because they refused to exchange the printer, and they wouldn’t refund my money either. They told me I would have to pay the shipping to send it to the manufacturer for repair. Needless to say, I stated my opinion and told them I would not buy any more from their electronics department ever again (other electronics we had bought there messed up too). I kept my word, and to this day I still have a brand new printer that will not work, because it costs more to ship it to the manufacturer than I paid for it. And that, my friends, is why my husband and I make our major purchases from Radio Shack. Radio Shack is the only place in my area, so far, where I have found we can go and get excellent customer service! I know if Sam Walton was still alive, Walmart would probably have better customer service, but as of this date, they have poor customer service. Maybe not all Walmart stores are this way, but the one in Harrisburg, Illinois is.

I guess I found words, huh? I will go now and cuddle up to hubby. Until next time, never give up on your dreams, work toward them!


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