Catching Up

Phew! (*Wipes sweat from brow*) It has been a long day for me here in Southern Illinois. It’s now 1:58 a.m. and I’m pooped! I have finally completed my to-do list that incurred while I was on vacation. In fact, I just finished the last item on that list: Responding to submissions sent to Coffee Break for Writers. I managed to reply to all of them. Some submissions and queries were sent before I went on vacation; some were sent during my vacation and more after. So, if you sent a submission or query to Coffee Break for Writers between the dates of May 5 to June 22, then you may want to check your email; there could be good or bad news waiting for you. If it’s bad news (a rejection), then there’s an explanation as to why it was rejected. A few did not receive a reply, and the reason is because your submission didn’t follow the writer guidelines. If submissions don’t follow our guidelines, I delete them without replying.

It’s amazing how many writers don’t follow guidelines. As I’ve said many times in the past, read and follow guidelines for ANY publication. Some of the submissions I received that didn’t follow the guidelines were reprints published too recently, attachments that were not in PDF format and articles under our minimum word count (the majority of those were way under).

Well, I hate to leave good company, but I think I’m going to hit the sack and get some rest. Tomorrow’s a new day, and with my to-do list complete, I need my beauty sleep so I can write some more articles and work on the second edition of On the Net Resource Guide for Writers later on. Until next time, take care of yourself and God bless! Oh yes, I almost forgot, Happy Summer! Stay cool and drink plenty of water if you’re working outdoors.


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