Caution: Health Insurance Through Freelancers Union (aka, Working Today)…

This isn’t the post I’d planned for today, but when I ran across some information on Jenna Glatzer’s blog about health insurance through the Freelancers Union (aka, Working Today), I decided I’d post a word of caution for my fellow writers. As for the original post that I had planned for today, I’ll save it for next time, because I believe the word about this health insurance should be spread to all writers.

Fortunately, I have health insurance coverage through my husband, but many writers out there don’t have this luxury; therefore, they have to search for a health insurance plan on their own. Naturally, most writers turn to unions for writers in hopes of discovering an affordable health insurance plan. Jenna was one of those writers, and she chose a health insurance plan through the Freelancers Union, and it broke my heart when I read what happened to her and many of the other writers who opted for health insurance through the same union. It’s bad enough when we have to deal with clients who don’t pay or with companies who don’t want to pay us what we’re worth, and now to learn about writers getting a bad deal through a union they trusted is even more unfortunate.

I urge you to read about Jenna’s experience with her health insurance plan, and then follow the link in her post to learn more about the changes to that health insurance.


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