Help From Above

For what is seen is temporary, but what is not seen is eternal. (2 Corinthians 4:18, NIV)

Everyone is Raving About How This Christian Fiction Book is Similar to the Touched by an Angel TV Show

Help From Above is similar to the well-loved television drama Touched By An Angel. It contains all the warm heart-felt elements, which will keep readers spellbound until the last page is savored and enjoyed.

Help From Above is powerfully written. This gripping emotional story presents a realistic glimpse into the sufferings of drug and alcohol abuse. Readers will walk away feeling as though they witnessed a miracle as the ending dramatically closes. — Suzie Housley, MyShelf

If you’re a fan of the Touched by an Angel TV show, you’ll definitely love this heartwarming Christian novel!

Christian Fiction NovelAfter the death of his parents, George sought comfort through drugs and alcohol. He soon became addicted to both, and in the process, abandoned his sister, Kara Billington (the only family member he had left). Kara tried to help her brother overcome his addictions, but George was so stubborn that she gave up and continued with her own life.

Later, George was given a second chance at life when God sent an angel, Ronald, to help him recover from his drug and alcohol addictions. Ronald had to succeed on his mission to earn his wings.

As Ronald took to the streets of Rockford, Illinois in his search for George, he soon discovered him at a liquor store. Upon meeting George, Ronald learned that his mission wouldn’t be an easy one. George was not only drunk when Ronald found him, but he expressed the fact that he didn’t believe in angels, and George’s stubborn, ill tempered and independent personality came out full force.

When Ronald finally persuaded George to talk with him, George told Ronald about his sister and confessed that he hadn’t seen her in two years. Ronald then decided to go search for George’s sister with the hope that he could reunite the two, and Ronald thought that just maybe Kara would help him with his mission.

Upon finding Kara, Ronald convinced her to help him. Along with Kara’s help, he also received assistance from Kara’s minister, Timothy Gill.

Will the three triumph in getting George the help he needs to recover, or will George’s stubbornness cause the trio to call it quits?

Help From Above is a Christian novel that adults, teenagers and Touched by an Angel TV show fans will truly enjoy! In fact, this christian fiction book is perfect for teenagers, because it will show them the effects of drugs and alcohol, and maybe, by knowing more about the disease, they’ll be more willing to “just say no” to drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, Help From Above would be a great book for middle school and high school teachers to assign their class to read. Then after the class has read this Christian fiction book, they can discuss how the drugs and alcohol affected George.

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