What readers and reviewers had to say about On the Net Resource Guide for Writers:

A must grab for all writers! What is beneficial to you as a writer, what do you need to make your career in the writing world possible? A guide to bring you a step closer to reaching your dreams.

If you are starting out as a new writer, whether you want to get into or do write poetry, eBooks, articles, even audio books, or have been writing for awhile and want a little help getting published and recognized. This practical guide is for you.

Concise explanations of definitions, detailed examples of the different types of publishers, book reviewers, editors, literary agents, etc. Followed by names of companies and a brief description of what formats they want and the genres they are interested in. It also includes links to their Websites, e-mail addresses, who to contact, what they offer, and prices to get you started on the road to a successful writing career.

For those of us who do not know or understand the writing world language and where to start, this book is a great first step on your road to becoming a successful writer. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is trying to start a career in the writing world. — Sam, reader from Canada

The road to publication is a rocky one. Finishing your manuscript is only the beginning of the writing journey. Agents and publishers are inundated with Great American Novels. How do you make yours stand out from the pack? The Internet is filled practical advice covering all aspects of the writing process. Misti has compiled an extensive list of Websites into a book titled On the Net Resource Guide for Writers.

This book mimics the classic Writer’s Market format. Certain contacts are similar, but On the Net does cover a publicity-related niche not found in Writer’s Market. Misti provides an ample list of message boards, reviewers, and Websites related to book promotion. The author also provides links where writers can find sample query letters and samples of book synopses.

On the Net Resource Guide for Writers features descriptions and contact information for several types of publishers including: print on demand, eBook, and small-press. Writer’s Market has a more substantial list of publishers, but On the Net provides a set of small companies that may be able to give more attention to new writers.

On the Net Resource Guide for Writers is a handy supplement to the current Writer’s Market. Many of the contacts can be found elsewhere, but who wants to spend time looking when this book does it for you? Misti’s compilation is an asset to any personal writing library. — Amy Coffin, The Book Haven

A lot of research and patience has gone into this book; it is well-arranged and methodical, easy to read and written in plain English. This book is a great first step on your road to becoming a successful writer. — Samantha Rose, eBook Reviews Weekly

I would like to congratulate Misti for the wonderful job she has done researching her book, On The Net, Resource Guide For Writers. There is no fanfare in her book, but she gets right to the point of information. This is something we all appreciate as writers. With over 200 pages and more than 17 topics listed, the author gives you a wealth of needed publishing insight.

Her topics include print on demand publishers, small press publishers, conventional publishers, magazine publishers, and eBook publishers. She explains the difference between print on demand publishers and small press publishers, gives needed tips on approaching different publishers, and helps in the somewhat confused world of submitting manuscripts. She has collected from each source, their Websites, e-mail addresses, and guidelines. This is a Godsend for all authors. She has devoted sections to helping the reader with query letter samples, book review sites, promoting book sites, and a listing of editors and agents.

Misti has done a thorough job in her research and writing of this book. This reviewer found valuable answers for my own writing questions. It is one that should be on the desk of all authors, as a quick review book and a source of publishing information. This book is worth its weight in gold, for the time alone that you will save, in not having to search this material out yourself. I highly recommend it. — Shirley Johnson, Reviewer

As an author, as well as freelancer, this reader of Misti’s book has provided invaluable information on the how-to’s and wheres to gain access to almost any question a writer could ask. Organized in easy to read, well organized, and informative sections and topics. Misti offers her experience and know how to both novice and veteran writers. An added bonus is her easy, friendly manner in approaching her topics, and the friendly way in which she offers advice. I felt like I was getting advice from an old friend. — Denise Clark, Author/Freelance Writer