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I’ll admit that when I stumble upon Link Love posts I usually just scan through the links, and sometimes I move on to the next blog on my daily reading list of my favorite blogs. However, tonight I read a Link Love post in its entirety – from beginning to end!

As I made my way to Michele’s blog, I knew I was going to be reading another Link Love post before my arrival. I knew this because she left me a comment saying she gave me some love. Therefore, I had to read what she said and comment to thank her for the love. I had also planned to scan through her links, but instead of scanning I read the entire post. Why? Well, because she thought outside of the box, which in turn made her Link Love post worth reading. Not only did I find the way she chose to give her love interesting, but I thought to myself, “Hey, I would read more Link Love posts if they were all written this way.” I also thought it was a fantastic way for a writer to show creativity on her blog, and I think it would be a great writing exercise for all writers who blog. In fact, learn from this one and try to apply it to your next Link Love post.

I don’t normally do Link Love posts for the reason mentioned at the beginning of this post, but Michele has inspired me to write at least one Link Love post just the way she did. I too may have to think, so it could be a little while before you will be able to read my first Link Love post, but I will write that post and hope that Michele doesn’t mind me borrowing the idea and suggesting that other writers and bloggers give it a try.

If you want to see what I’m raving so much about, hop on over to Writing the Cyber Highway and read Bringing in 2008 with (Link) Love, by Michele Tune. Trust me, friends, it’s a MUST read!


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