Day of Remembrance

As I sat down at my computer to begin work today, I took 11 minutes to remember the tragedy that struck our country six years ago today. During those 11 minutes, I viewed a video on YouTube to remember, and as I watched, I said a little prayer.

Six years ago today I had just woke up and walked into my living room when the phone rang. It was my husband asking me if I was watching TV. I told him I just got up and hadn’t turned it on yet. He told me to turn it on, and when I did, I was speechless. We talked for a few more minutes, told each other “I love you,” then hung up. As I continued to watch the footage in horror, I cried, and then I watched as the second plane flew into the World Trade Center. At this time, I began to pray for our country and everyone in New York. I also thought of my first cousin. Her job requires her to travel, so I called my aunt to see if she had heard from her. My aunt said no one had heard anything from her at that time, but later she phoned to tell me Patty (my cousin) was safe. The flight she was expected to board was cancelled, and her job was delayed for a little while, but she later made it back home.

I did have another post in mind for today, but since this is a day of remembrance, I will postpone it for another day. Instead, I’d like to invite you to watch the same 11 minute video that I did. The video is emotional, but a great video for remembrance. There are many photos, just the right music, and after the first song, a voice that will grab your attention (you just have to hear it and listen for yourself).

As you watch the video, say a prayer for all, including the men and woman who are still fighting for our country today. In fact, my stepdaughter leaves for boot camp tomorrow. After boot camp, my husband, her mother, her brother, her entire family and I can only pray that God will watch over her as she continues with her career through the United States Navy.

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