Deadlines to Meet

Tonight I have two deadlines to meet. Therefore, I plan to keep this post as brief as possible since I have two articles to write with a 24-hour deadline, and then 10 more articles to write for the new client (see the third paragraph for this news).

The 10 articles have a 10-day deadline, but I want to try to get them completed and turned in a little earlier so I can make a good first impression. 😉 Don’t worry; I didn’t take one of those “peanut” jobs. I know that must have been the first thought that ran through your head when I said “10 articles.” I may be in desperate need of writing jobs right now, but I’m not going to resort to letting a company take advantage of us writers.

Now for my bit of good news: I got a response from one of those writing jobs I applied for, and it looks as if I may have the job. I said, “may have,” because my first assignment is a test. Don’t worry, I’ll get paid for the articles — they’ll decide whether I get another assignment based on how I write the articles they’ve assigned for the first time.

The pressure’s on, but I’m confident I can do it. I also know I’m not going to make another big freelance writing mistake, because this time I’m still going to hunt for more writing jobs as a backup. In fact, this is the first time I’ve ever worked with this company, so I hope they pay, but we’ll soon see. And if they don’t pay, then I’ll take the steps I’m supposed to take, as well as alert all the writers I know; y’all will probably be the first to know. Let’s just hope it doesn’t have to resort to that. (*crossing fingers*) In addition, this writing job is nowhere near the income I earned with my last writing job, so I definitely have to keep searching.

So much for being brief… LOL… I’d better end here so I can get busy on those articles. I certainly don’t want to miss any deadlines.


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