Dreading Tomorrow

All day today I have struggled to breath, and on top of that, all I can do is cough. This ALWAYS happens to me the day before I get really bad. So I’m definitely NOT looking forward to tomorrow. You see, I have Asthma, and this is how my Asthma reacts before I get sick. It will act up, like today. Then the next day I can hardly get out of bed. All this and more is the downfall to having Asthma, and let me tell ya, it’s no fun at all. But I’ve had Asthma since I was a child, so I have learned to live with it.

Asthma causes you to have a low immune system, and because my immune system is low, I can’t tolerate illnesses like most healthier adults. The worst part, however, is when I get the common cold or flu, it seems like it lasts forever. I’m usually pretty sick for a whole week, and it takes my body a month or more to completely get over it.

My husband is very helpful when I’m sick, but he gets scared. Many times he’ll beg me to go to the ER, because he thinks I have pneumonia by the way I sound. I tell him I don’t have pneumonia, and that it’s just my Asthma. Yes, I know I can, and have had, pneumonia, but I can usually tell the difference.

My husband will never admit that he’s scared, but I can tell he is, and to ease his worries and make him happy, sometimes I will make an appointment to see the doctor the next day. You can probably tell I’m one of those folks who doesn’t got to the doctor much, but I do go if I need to.

I need to try and get as much writing done as I can tonight, because I’m almost 100 percent certain I won’t feel like doing a whole lot of anything for the next few days. With that said, I’ll let you go for now. Best wishes for a great weekend!


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