Exciting Weekend

Back in July my Pomeranian (Prissy) went in heat, so as planned, my husband and I bred her with our male Pomeranian. All day Friday Prissy whined and could not seem to get comfortable. I had a feeling something was up, and later that night I knew she was getting ready to have her puppies. A week earlier she had began nesting. She likes to sleep on of top things, so we put a comforter beside the bed for her to sleep on. Turns out that comforter was where she chose to have her puppies.

Later that Friday night, the time for her to have the puppies drew near. She ended up going straight to the comforter and I followed her. The kids were real excited, and I would let them come into the bedroom some, but not too often.

With my Writer’s Digest magazine in hand, I read one article after the other until the time for Prissy to deliver came. I sat in the floor beside her and rubbed her head as she began to push the first puppy out. When she would stop pushing, I would stop rubbing. However, when I stopped rubbing her head, she would look up at me with her sad puppy dog eyes. I assumed she wanted me to continue rubbing her head, so I did, and she seemed satisfied.

Finally, the first puppy was all the way out. At this time, she wanted to be left alone so she could do her thing with the puppy. I would give her the privacy she needed until she started to push again.

She had three puppies that night, and each puppy was born one hour apart. Between times, I would continue reading my Writer’s Digest magazine, and the kids would come in to check on Prissy. I reported to them on her progress and let them know mommy (Prissy) was OK. They would smile then leave.

Even though Friday night was exciting, Saturday afternoon was a long one. My children had a parade they were supposed to be in the next afternoon. Therefore, I had to have them in Eldorado by noon on Saturday. Because Prissy went into labor, and I stayed with her to make sure she wouldn’t have problems and have to go to the vet, I didn’t get in bed until a little after 7am Saturday morning. So, come time for the parade, I was running on about 4 hours sleep. Needlesstosay, the whole weekend was exciting, and I did get a nap in later Saturday afternoon. It’s a good thing, because come Saturday night, hubby and I were waken several times by crying puppies…LOL…

I will post a picture of Prissy and her puppies here later, but for now you’ll just have to settle for a picture of Prissy sleeping. Once weaned, we will have two puppies for sale at $300 each. The daddy is registered, but the mommy is not. I got Prissy from my brother-in-law, and he got her from someone else who told him they were unable to register her for some reason. That also explains why we will only be selling two puppies, because as a deal for getting her, my brother-in-law and I made an arrangement where he would get pick of the first litter.

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