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I hope y’all had a great weekend. Saturday my husband (Kevin) and I dropped my daughter off at the high school for her first Homecoming. So, not only did I watch her grow up even more into the beautiful young lady she is, but also I helped her get ready for the Homecoming. She wanted to wear the dress I wore when I married Kevin, but I wasn’t sure it would fit her. She said she loved it and really hoped she could wear it. Therefore, I pulled it from the closet, took the plastic off and she tried it on. Would you believe she could wear it! It was a little big, but thanks to my aunt’s altering skills, she was able to wear the dress (see the pic of her above). The dress is covered in glitter, though the picture doesn’t show it that well.

Cyndie said she had fun, and she said when they turned on the disco light the dress sparkled, which she really loved. I’m so glad she had a good time, but I’ll admit, it’s hard watching her grow up so quickly. In fact, I almost cried when I dropped her off at the school and seen just how beautiful — and grown up — she really was.

As for my stepdaughter, her mother called this morning to give us her address so we could write to her. She also reported that she’s made it through the first few days of boot camp, and now she’s fine. Her first few days were a little rough, but now she reports everything is just chipper.

Now that I’ve updated you on two members of the family, I think I’ll go for now. In my next blog post I’ll get back to my writing life. I will be blogging about the biggest freelance writing mistake I’ve made thus far. I want to do this, because I hope all you other freelancers out there will learn from my mistake. Until then, take care and God bless.

PS: If you’ve recently left a comment, I have went through and replied to the ones I thought needed a response.

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