For Fans of Eileen Fulton (Lisa)

Within the next couple days I will be doing an interview with Eileen Fulton. Eileen Fulton plays Lisa on CBS’s As the World Turns. But wait, I have some good news for you regarding this interview… I would like to give all her fans a chance to participate. If you have a burning question you’d like to ask Ms. Fulton, comment and include your question in your comment, or send it to me via email. You can even ask Ms. Fulton a question about the latest charity auction she just did on eBay if you’d like.

I can’t guarantee that all of your questions will be in the interview, but I will do my very best to include the great questions. To get your question in before the interview, you must post the question in your comment or email it to me before Monday, November 6, 2006.

Keep watching my blog for a link to the interview!


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