Free Fiction by Misti Sandefur (Me) for Your Reading Pleasure

I entered a short story competition at Daily Writing Tips. While the prize is not money, they’re giving away two full licenses to an executive edition of WhiteSmoke’s writing software, which has a value of $310 each.

When I enter free writing contests, I usually enter the ones for a cash prize, but I’m familiar with the WhiteSmoke writing software, and my budget hasn’t allowed me to purchase any of the software yet. Therefore, I knew I’d be extremely satisfied with the prize offered by Daily Writing Tips — that is if my fiction piece is engaging enough to gain readers’ votes and win this short story competition. In fact, if I win, I plan to write a review about the writing software here at Life of a Writer. I’ve heard good things about WhiteSmoke’s writing software, so I’m anxious to try it.

That said, I’d love it if you’d head over to the Daily Writing Tips short story competition and read my fiction piece entitled Last Words. Then, if you enjoyed my short fiction piece and believe it deserves to move on to the next round, please vote for it using the poll that follows the entries. My entry is number 7.

Thank you in advance! Happy reading!


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