From Writing to Driving Lessons

This weekend was certainly an exciting one as I went from writing to driving lessons. My 15-year-old daughter received her driver’s permit and was anxious to take advantage of it. This was her first time ever driving on the highway, but I figured she has to learn sometime, right?

I had my stepson pull over to the shoulder of the road so he and Cyndie could switch places in the driver’s seat. Cyndie smiled as she climbed in behind the wheel.

“Ok, before you start, adjust your mirrors so you can see, and adjust your seat to a comfortable position. The speed limit is 55,” I instructed her.
“Yes, mom, I know. I’m ready,” she said.
“Just relax,” I told her as she pulled out onto the highway.”
“You’re making me nervous, mom.”
“Trust me, hunny, I’m more nervous than you are right now, and I’m just trying to help you since it’s your first time on the highway.”

I fought to keep silent so I didn’t make her too nervous, but the whole time I was scared out of my wits! Every now and then I had to remind her to keep it between the lines, because she would hug the white line everytime she’d meet another car. And she still has to get use to the gas pedal. She tends to speed up and slow down. What was really amusing, though, was she’d run about 60 through the flats, but when we reached a hill, she’d slow down.

We came upon a construction zone with a stoplight. She began slowing down, but not soon enough. I held my breath and pressed my foot hard to the floorboard on an invisiable break that wasn’t working. Luckily, we stopped just an inch or so behind the truck without hitting it. I then released my breath.

“You have to slow down sooner,” my stepson announced calmly from the back seat.
“Sorry,” she replied.

We all made it home in one piece, and I thank God for that. She still needs practice, but overall she doesn’t do too bad. However, I think I’m going to need a whole bottle of nerve pills to get through this stage of parenting …LOL… I’ll keep you up to date on her driving lessons, and hopefully my sanity stays intact through all of them.


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