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I’ve been so busy with my full writing schedule that I’ve not been able to blog much here at Life of a Writer. I do try to keep my weekly telecommute writing jobs going on Wednesdays, but all the rest of the blogging I use to do here has gone down hill. I love having a full writing schedule, and the income comes in handy with Christmas fast approaching, but sometimes I wonder if I’ve taken on too much work. I meet my deadlines and the clients are always telling me how much they love the writing I did for them, but my personal projects are suffering. What’s a writer to do?

Although my writing schedule is full, I still follow the advice that I’ve blogged about here in the past. So why have I neglected my personal projects? Well, I’ve reached the point where once I’ve completed my work for paying clients I have no inspiration to move on to the personal projects I scheduled for that day. In order to try to recapture my inspiration to continue, I take a break or enjoy a shower with the hopes that afterwards my inspiration will be restored. By the time the break or shower is over, though, I feel refreshed but not re-inspired.

What about you, do you have a full writing schedule? And if so, once you finish the work for your paying clients, what do you do to inspire yourself to move on to your personal projects that you’ve worked into your writing schedule for that day? I’d love to read any tips or advice you may have.

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