Gain More Writing Jobs at oDesk

Just recently I signed up as an oDesk provider, and even though I haven’t landed a writing job just yet, I had one interview last night. I understand that it may take a little time to land some new writing jobs because I’ve not been a member long, but so far, I love the system. In fact, the thing I love the most–other than it being free–is payment is guaranteed if I bid on the hourly jobs. All buyers must have a verified payment method before they can hire you. You’ll also have to download the oDesk software that lets those who hire you track your hours and see that you truly are working on their project and not just surfing the web and charging them for it.

If you’d like to gain more writing jobs and not have to worry whether you’ll get paid or not, sign up for oDesk today. Again, it’s free to sign up. Furthermore, there’s a great selection of choices for receiving payment (Paypal, direct deposit, oDesk debit card and more).

Do let me know if you sign up or are already a member.


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