Getting a Late Start

It’s been a rather long weekend, and that’s why I’m starting this week off late. I didn’t write at all yesterday, because of the Veteran’s Day weekend, and Hubby’s a veteran. Since Hubby only works Monday through Friday, his place of employment gives their employees Monday off with pay. Therefore, I spend Monday with Hubby. We didn’t go anywhere, but we did enjoy the time together at home.

Now that Hubby’s in bed getting ready for another workday, I’m back at my computer writing again. While he’s sleeping, I will be making my usual nightly visits to my favorite blogs, and since I’ve already searched the boards for writing jobs and responded to those I qualify for, my next task will be writing two articles for AC. Then, if I’m not too tired, I plan to submit a query letter or two. After the query letters, I’ll be snoozing while the rest of the world is waking up to start their day… well, all those who aren’t night owls like me.

I have to say, though, I enjoyed the long weekend with Hubby and the kids. We had planned on visiting Burden Falls to take in the sights of the beautiful fall colors that are just now beginning to show here in Southern Illinois, but those plans were canceled when it started raining and thundering outside. I guess well have to re-schedule the visit for next weekend or some other time, but I’ll be sure to let y’all know how it goes, and I may even have pictures to share.

Stay tuned and God bless!


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