Getting Old

Today’s March 1 and that means I have 10 more days until I turn another year older — YIKES! I remember when I was younger, I couldn’t wait until my birthday, and now I dread my birthday. I wonder why….LOL…. In addition to my birthday, my baby (the youngest, of course) will turn 10 in seven more days. And yes, now I really feel old. All my babies are growing up. It doesn’t seem like they should be that old. And to top it all off, on December 9th my oldest, and my only girl, turned 13. I have one other son, and he is 11. Like I said, it doesn’t seem like they should be that old yet, and as they grow older, I tend to feel my age more and more. I have to live with it, though, because that’s life. Kids grow up and the parents grow older. I just hope when I’m really old my kids remember what I’ve done for them, so they will take care of me if I need it… Trying to avoid that one if I can.

My husband is being very thoughtful this year (he always is). He’s buying me a new desk for my birthday. He’s getting me a fancy desk, and he says he wants me to keep bringing in the bucks from my writing so he can stay home and not have to work anymore. I told him I would love that, and I also asked him if he was going to cook and clean while I write. Believe it or not, he said he would. I’ll keep working hard to bring in more money, and just hopefully he can stay at home like he wants, and then I’ll see if he keeps to his word on the cooking and cleaning. 😉

Is there someone special in your life that’s having a birthday soon? You’re in luck, I’ll share a few gift ideas with you. For the women, you can always send flowers, buy some expensive perfume, or instead of sending her flowers that will die, have the florist arrange a beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers in her favorite color; she should love them, and they’ll never die. For him, flowers probably aren’t a good idea since men don’t seem to appreciate them as much as we women do. However, you could buy him some expensive cologne, a new electric or even cordless razor, a set of tools, jewelry (if he wears it), a watch, or if his recliner is worn out, you could buy him a new recliner chair (he’ll soon wear it in and being falling asleep in it too).

When your shopping for that special someone, remember, the gift doesn’t have to cost a lot. A gift comes from the heart. And no matter how old we get, everyone loves gifts!

I guess that will do it for today. I must go now and prepare for another year of getting older. Until next time, never give up on your dreams, work toward them.


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