Giveaway Ideas Related to Public Speaking Topics

Following are a few giveaway ideas related to public speaking topics. I know there are numerous topics that you may discuss at your upcoming public speaking events, so all of the following topics may not be in your plans, but when they are, here’s a few giveaway ideas related to the topic.

Public Speaking Topic: Marketing Writing Services

Some tips you may share when talking about marketing writing services are to create a portfolio to keep track of clips and show to potential clients. That said, a binder and tab dividers are great to use for creating a portfolio and keeping clips organized, so this would make a great giveaway when you talk about marketing writing services.

If you’ll be speaking to a small group and can afford it, another excellent giveaway idea related to your public speaking topic on marketing writing services could be a free one-year subscription to the online edition of Writer’s Market.

Public Speaking Topic: Writing Fiction or Non-fiction

Whether you plan to discuss how to write fiction or non-fiction or share a few writing tips, there are at least three giveaway ideas that relate to this topic and would make wonderful gifts:

1. Pens with your logo and website imprinted on them.
2. Most all writers love to jot down story, character and article ideas. That said, your audience would appreciate a small journal that they could carry with them.
3. Handouts of novel and character outlines.

Public Speaking Topic: Beauty

Are you a beauty writer or author who enjoys sharing beauty tips and information to promote your beauty expertise and/or beauty-related book(s)? Well then, next time you’re invited to give a presentation about beauty why not consider the following giveaway ideas:

1. bath oils;
2. aromatherapy candles;
3. a gift basket filled with beauty products such as creams, makeup, lotions and etc.;
4. or any beauty products you plan to mention in your presentation.

Giveaway Ideas for Any Public Speaking Topic

Your books, any book you’ve had published that relates to the topic you’ll be discussing, desk calendars, and/or coffee mugs with your logo and website imprinted on them.

Have you spoke on a topic I didn’t mention and were able to brainstorm a few giveaway ideas that fit well with your public speaking topic? Then I encourage you to share your topic(s) and giveaway idea(s) by leaving a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Giveaway Ideas Related to Public Speaking Topics

  1. Hi Misti.

    I would like to add that when I was taking my administrative assistant course one of the places that we could take our work practicum was at an environmental agency, I didn’t choose it however)I can’t recall the name but they gave out a green and yellow pen with seeds at the bottom and the whole pen could be planted. That was such a neat idea. So if anyone does any public speaking on an environmental topic that could be an awesome takeaway or something similar.

  2. Michelle,

    Thanks for adding that idea to the mix. It is a wonderful idea and fits perfectly with an environmental topic!

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