Giving My Website a New Look

Other than writing my books, meeting deadlines, applying for freelance jobs and searching for more freelance jobs, I’m getting ready to remodel my author website and move it to a paid host. I decided to move my site from Geocities to a paid host, because I want to get rid of the ads that Geocities puts up, and I’m also tired of free hosting. Free hosting is okay if you can’t afford anything else, but I’m learning that with a paid host I can save you from all those annoying pop-ups and advertisements that free hosts place on your website. Furthermore, I’ll be able to give my author site a professional appearance. This is something that is long overdue for me, and I think it’s time I get my butt in gear and get started. If you have any suggestions at all for giving my website a new look, I’m open to all your suggestions.

I’m so excited to get started, because I love building websites, and it seems like I learn something new each time. When I build the new site, I’m going to post a more recent picture of myself, since the one currently on my site is over five years old.

I have a lot to do, so I’ll let you go for now. Until next time, may God bless you and yours. Never give up on your dreams, work toward them.


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