Graduation Time

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Looks like I’ll be busy this month and next month. My daughter will be graduating JR High toward the end of this month. Then again, in June, my stepdaughter will be graduating High School. I’m planning a graduation party for my daughter, and my husband and I will be making a LONG trip (over 700 miles) to see my stepdaughter graduate. Needlesstosay, I have a lot to do for the next two months.

We’ll be spending about three of four days on the trip to see my stepdaughter’s graduation. She recently enlisted in the Navy, so she’ll head off to boot camp soon after her graduation. Since we won’t see her for a while after she graduates, we’re going to spend some time with her before she has to leave. I sure do dread the trip, though. We’ve made it a few times before and it’s tiring. It’s amazing how much a long drive can wear a person out.

When we leave for the trip, I plan to take my laptop along, but I will have a sub writer for my “As the World Turns” updates. I don’t plan to write much while we’re there. However, I do plan to write about the trip and do a few reviews so I can have some articles to sell when we return. Who knows, I may even blog about the trip.

Speaking of graduation… if you know someone who’s graduating soon, check out Top 10 Graduation Gifts. Top 10 Graduation Gifts is an article I had published last year. Before I wrote the article, I asked graduates what gifts they would like to receive. Furthermore, I also asked men and women who recently graduated what gifts they liked. Oh boy, talking about graduation gifts, I have two to buy. I may refer back to my own article. đŸ˜‰

Well, I’d better go now. I still have some work to do before going to bed.

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