Happy New Year!

Technically, it’s after midnight, but to me it’s still New Years. With that in mind, I would like to wish you a happy New Year! I hope 2007 brings you much success and happiness in whatever you do, and most of all, I hope this new year brings you good health!

I’ve not really written anything for a couple days. I guess you could say I’ve taken a couple days vacation during the holidays, but later tonight, I’ll be back to my normal writing routine.

It has been nice this year, and I had to take a few days off to enjoy it. My 19-year-old stepson drove in from North Carolina to be with us over Christmas, so this was another reason I haven’t written anything in a couple days. Plus, my husband also took a week’s vacation from his employment — something he’s never done before. I still had to write the daily updates last week for As the World Turns, so during that time, I gave my husband some alone time with his son. My official vacation actually started on Friday when As the World Turns was pre-empted due to college football, then it was pre-empted again on New Year’s Day due to the Gator Bowl.

Since my stepson was in, we all (including my children) had a great holiday! It would be nice if we could do this every year, but I’m sure if the price of gas continues to increase, my stepson won’t be able to make the drive every year. However, he did talk to us about coming back to live here in Southern Illinois, and we hope he does decide to do this. We’ve offered him a home until he can find a job and get on his feet, but after that, my husband told him he will have to at least contribute to the bills until he finds a place of his own.

Chris, my stepson, wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a mechanic, so for Christmas we helped him get the tools and equipment he would need to get started. As for my stepdaughter, she also decided to follow in her dad’s footsteps by joining the military. The only difference is she went into the Navy and not the Marine Corps, but my husband says it’s pretty much all still the same and we’re honored that she’s chosen the military for her future. Just before Christmas all the paperwork was signed, so she is officially a member of the Navy now, and after graduation this year, she will begin boot camp.

I hope your holiday season was just as wonderful! Feel free to comment and share your holiday season if you like. I’m off to bed now to enjoy my last few hours of vacation. Until next time, never give up on your dreams, work toward them!


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