How to Beat Out Your Competition With Your Past

Back when I first started freelance writing and the kids were babies, I had to get a job outside the home to help pay bills and put dinner on the table. As a result, I took a CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant) course at the local college and worked at the nursing home. Not only did I have a passion for writing, but I also had a passion for helping my elders.

I enjoyed the nursing home setting but thought I’d like Home Health better. So after three years of working at the nursing home, I took a job helping the elderly and disabled in their homes by cleaning, cooking, running errands and etc. for them. Prior to helping those unable to help themselves, I worked as a grill cook and developed a passion for cooking; this was during my teen years.

When I finally took my freelance writing career to a full-time level to be a WAHM, I wondered if I could combine my past experiences working outside the home to beat out my competition. After all, I was in the beginning stages of freelance writing, so I didn’t have many clips under my belt or years worth of writing experience to stand out above my competition.

How to Use Your Past Experiences to Beat Out Your Competition

Pitch articles on the topics you have past experiences with. In your letters of introduction and query letters, mention the number of years experience in the field your pitching. If you have earned a certification or degree, mention it as well. This helps you stand out above your competition, because it shows you know the topic and presents you as an expert. You should also mention your writing experience, but sell yourself as an expert if you have a degree, certification and/or the experience.

How did you beat out your competition with past experiences when you took your freelance writing career full-time?


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