Ideas Form in Weird Places

All writers have ideas pop into their heads all the time. Not only did I have a few of those light bulb moments tonight, but they came to me in the weirdest place: sitting on the toilet! Can you believe that? I guess it can happen, and I might not be the only writer to have an idea come to me while sitting on the stool, but I could be the only one to admit it.¬†[superemotions file=”icon_lol.gif” title=”Laughing Out Loud”] Now that I think about it, though, it may not be too weird. After all, there’s nothing to do when you’re sitting in a quiet¬† room and can’t get up. Well, unless you’re like my husband and grab a magazine to take with you when you know you’ll be in there a while… LOL… Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve been known to grab a magazine a few times too, but there’s also times when you get in there to do one thing and end up having to do another, so what better way to brainstorm then while you’re starring at the walls. I know, too much information, huh? [superemotions file=”icon_eek.gif” title=”EEK”]

Yes, I realize this is a very odd subject, so I’ll not bore you any longer. I just had to share it, though, and I really don’t know why either.

I’ll let you go now. More work to do, but I’ll be back again, and next time I’ll do my best not to discuss such weird topics.


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