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I just had two new articles published on Associated Content and would like to invite you to read them. In fact, if you know of anyone else who may benefit from the articles, feel free to forward the link to them, or click “email to friends” at the beginning of each article. Ah yes, don’t forget to give my articles a rating and leave a comment if you wish. As always, I enjoy reading your feedback.

The first article, “Responding to Freelance Writing Jobs,” will give tips on how you can increase your chances of getting a response to the next set of freelance writing jobs you reply to. In my second article, “Increase Revenue From Google Adsense,” you’ll discover how you can increase your Google Adsense earnings. No, I’m not going to tell you to promote your Web site or blog to increase your traffic, nor am I going to explain how to pick keywords and sprinkle them throughout your content. Why? Because I’m sure you’ve read these articles several times already. Instead, my article will reveal something you may or may not know about already.



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