Lost in Stories

Boy, did my plans for a nights work go down the tubes! Earlier this evening (or should I now say yesterday evening) I sent my cover letter and credentials out to several writing jobs that I qualified for. Once I completed that task, I began my nightly ritual of reading other writers’ blogs. Yes, that has become an everyday task that I pen into my to-do list. In fact, it’s the second task on the list.

Anyway, after I read the blogs by other writers, I didn’t get anything else writing-related done. Why? Because I followed a link to read Michelle’s short story at Common Ties, and from there I read other short stories. Then, before I knew it, I was so lost in the stories that I knew my work was not going to get finished.

I started off on the right foot, but I was sidetracked when I got lost in the stories I was reading at Common Ties. Oh well, I suppose we all need a night off every now and then, right? The problem, however, with taking a night off, was knowing I would have to make up for it (in this case) later on tonight, and it just makes my to-do list longer, because the entire to-do list from the night before made its way onto my new list. I’ll just have to force myself to stay away from the stories tonight so I can get back to work.

Note to Michelle: I enjoyed Moses or Man? You wrote the story well and it held my attention to the very end. You keep writing and never give up on your dreams! I’ve always believed in angels, and you just may have met yours.

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