Market Hunting

Good evening friends! I’ve spent all evening market hunting, and I am hoping to get a few query letters into editors’ inboxes before the night is over.

Tonight’s market hunting adventure is a little more difficult than my past market hunting adventures because I’m searching for markets that will accept reprints. Most of the time when I market hunt, it doesn’t matter to me if they accept reprints or not, because during those times I was pitching articles that had never been published, but this time I decided to re-sell some of the articles I’ve had published. Yes, that’s why writers don’t like to sell all rights — we like to keep them for ourselves. Besides, why should we sell all rights to our work and let someone else make money off of something we spent time writing and researching.

I very seldom sell all rights to any of my articles, because on days like today I like to dust them off and go market hunting to make more from them. However, if the price is right, I will consider selling all rights, but I have to think hard before I will. Price isn’t the only thing I consider, though. If I think the article will sell many more times down the road, and if I have put quite a bit of time into it, I usually try to keep my rights to re-sell it so that I can reap the rewards from my hard work. After all, it’s only fair, right? However, I am learning that the markets available to sell reprints to are fewer than what I usually have to choose from, but there are still markets out there that buy reprints, and as long as they’re willing to buy, I’m willing to sell. 🙂

Well, it’s back to market hunting for me. I’m not going to have any queries going through cyberspace at all tonight if I don’t get back to work, eh. With that said, I wish you all well. By the way, if you’re a paying market that accepts reprints, and if your audience of readers is writers, then you just may be hearing from me tonight. 😉


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