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I promised I’d keep you updated on my oDesk experience, so here it goes…

Since my latest post about oDesk, I’ve been so busy that I’ve neglected this blog and put my first niche website on hold. But that’s okay, because my income is increasing. The better news is the Lord answered another prayer of mine. Read on for more of the story… and again, oDesk is to thank!

You see, hubby and I — like many others during these tough times — have been struggling financially. As you all know, my dad has been battling two types of cancer (Lymphoma and Leukemia). Well, a couple weeks ago he came in really sick and his blood pressure kept dropping. My guess is he wasn’t eating well living on his own, so I ended up fixing him something to eat and he began to feel better. Since then, he’s moved in with us so I can make sure he’s taken care of and eats well. In addition to dad living with us, my 22-year-old stepson is still living with us, and I have my three teenagers when they’re not at their dads. The trouble is with just Kevin and me working, it has been hard with an increase on the grocery bill and utilities. Dad’s retired and now on Social Security — all he had for retirement was 401K, which isn’t much. As for my stepson, well, he’s still unemployed.

Dad does offer to help us with bills and groceries, and Kevin and I appreciate it, but I hate even asking him to help when he’s on a fixed income and still has to pay a portion of his medical bills, so I try not to accept his offer for help unless we really have to. Anyway, I’ve spent night after night praying for God to bless us with more income so we can take care of everyone and at least have just a little left over to treat ourselves to something nice every now and then.

Just a few weeks after I posted Seven Ways to Increase Clients With oDesk, God answered my prayer! He blessed me with two more clients from oDesk, and His blessing allowed me to earn an additional $91.29 this month through oDesk alone, and that income should be more by the end of next month! To some that may not sound like much, but to me, it’s a wonderful blessing! A blessing Kevin and I both needed, and I’m still praying for more.

I’m confident that oDesk will continue to increase my clients and income. Honestly, friends, if you’re also struggling financially and looking to increase your clients and writing income, I highly recommend you give oDesk a try. It will work for you if you spend each day searching through the jobs and apply the advice I shared in my latest post. The advice I shared is exactly what I’ve done since I joined oDesk in July of 2008. Since that time, I’ve earned over $500 already, and that doesn’t even include the income I earn outside of oDesk.

I’ll continue to keep you informed about my oDesk experience here, but if you’d like to know more or want to interview me for your writing-related publication, website or blog, feel free to contact me; please send all interview requests to and put “Interview Request for Misti Sandefur” in the subject line. I’d be honored to share my experience and/or advice with your readers, or even talk about how I use faith and prayer throughout my writing career!

Until my next post, take care and may all your prayers receive an answer!

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2 thoughts on “More on My oDesk Experience

  1. So sorry to hear of your distress, but glad you overcame it. Perhaps I'll try out the ODesk thingy soon. I've been working outside the home in a gallery trying to support us too. It really is difficult when things are slow. I need to get back to writing as I haven't had much time for it lately. Maybe I should invest in some prayer too. Take care!

  2. Sorry to hear about your financial problems, my wife and I have been there as well. As long as you're communicating with your husband I'm sure everything will work out. ODesk will continue to be successful I am sure!

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