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Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. (Colossians 3:13)

As a member of my fan club, you’ll receive my Christian author newsletter. The newsletter will keep you informed about my latest publishing news, upcoming Christian novels, upcoming author appearances and speaking engagements, and much more! In addition to all that, some of my author newsletters will include special offers and/or freebies just for members of my fan club.

I try to publish my Christian author newsletter on a monthly basis, but if there’s not much to say or any news regarding my writing and books, I probably won’t send a newsletter until there is news. If you’re worried about your information falling into the wrong hands or being given out or sold to third parties, I assure you that any information you give upon joining my fan club will ALWAYS be kept private. I will NEVER give or sell your information or email address to anyone. I despise spam and I’m certainly not going to subject you to it.

Besides receiving my Christian author newsletter, as my thanks to you for your support, you will also receive the following:

1. Personal letters from me when you write. I respond to all letters and emails on my own. I don’t hire assistants to write responses for me. The letters and emails you send are from you to me; therefore, they should be answered by me.

2. When time allows, I’ll send you Christmas and birthday cards, which, of course, will include my autograph. 😉

3. A 10% discount off all my books and merchandise. The discount for the books only applies when you buy the book directly from me.

4. Free autographed bookmarks.

5. When available, I’ll send you other special offers and freebies via postal mail.

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