My Writing Life

My writing life usually begins at 9pm each night and ends anywhere from 4am to 6am in the morning. Yes, like most other writers, I’m a true night owl. The only break I seem to actually taking from writing is on Sunday. Sunday is the Lord’s day, and we’re all suppose to rest on this day, so this is my day of relaxation.

I write at night because my mind works best when everyone is asleep. I shut off my television set, open up the window that is above my desk and begin writing. The crickets chirping from outside and the sound of my fingers typing is the only noises I hear.

If I’m not writing a book or working on a freelance assignment, then I’m on the internet researching or talking with other writers and reading their posts. When talking and reading other writers’ posts, I’m usually at Facebook.

Writing is something I have enjoyed doing since I was eight years old. It has pretty much been a part of my entire life. I love to read too. Debbie MaComber is my inspiration, and I read a lot of her books. After all, we all have someone we admire, don’t we?

Now that you know a bit about my writing life, please use the navigation links at the top of this page to explore my website further and discover more about me, my books, what I’m currently working on and much more.

I’ll let you go now. Until next time, take care, and never give up on your dreams, work toward them!


One thought on “My Writing Life

  1. Hi!
    Summerwriter again. I know I should leave you alone already but I can not help coming back. I was 8 once too…and that is when I typed with that old mechanical typewriter I told you about in the earlier message. I often told stories like ‘A is beautiful. A likes B. A’s grandma C orders: “The one who gives crown and necklace to A, gets her as a wife.’ ” The love theme is still there all right. But in these days I write…in different way.

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