New Discovery: Flowers Don’t Just Have to be for Beauty

Being a writer keeps me busy reading news releases, researching the latest trends and much more. I do this because it sometimes jogs my brain and gives me article ideas. While researching this week I learned something new. I learned that flowers aren’t just for looks. Maybe I’m a dumb, dumb, and I’m the last person on this Earth to find this information out, but either way, I did find it interesting, and I would like to share a little of what I learned with you, just in case I’m not alone.

I came across a piece by Sue Lawrence, and in her piece, Ms. Lawrence tells us how flowers also make great ingredients for cooking. Her article even gives a few of her favorite recipes that she uses flowers in. Ms. Lawrence’s piece not only caught my attention (since I love flowers so much anyway), but it also sparked an idea. I think I’ll research this more later to find out what other uses flowers have, and then I’ll write my own piece.

Ms. Lawrence’s piece not only gives recipes, but she goes on to tell us how we can use flowers in cooking, and she tells what to do if we’re in doubt about which flowers to choose. In addition, Ms. Lawrence tells about specific types of flowers: Borage, Pimms, Marigold, Herb flowers and Nasturtium.

Whether you’re cooking or just planting flowers, Beyond Blossoms is a great place to buy flowers. And while you’re there, click over to Beyond Blossoms’ blog and read Ms. Lawrence’s Cooking with Flowers.


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