News on My Hunt for Writing Jobs

I’m happy to report that after two months of searching writing job boards, blogs and forums, I’ve finally landed a blog writing job! Last night I sent a short e-mail detailing my experience and included links to a couple of my clips, which, of course, related to the blog writing job I responded to. Then within a few hours after sending my e-mail, the client contacted me. I was ecstatic, but what made my night was the fact the he told me my writing was “impressive!” Needlesstosay, the two of us agreed on a reasonable rate and the client hired me to write blog posts about reality TV for his Teevieo blog. In fact, I just finished my first blog post for him and would like to invite you to check it out. If you’re a reality TV fan like me, you can bookmark Teevieo or subscribe to the feeds, and I’ll keep you updated on the latest reality TV news. In addition to reality TV news, I’ll also bring you where are they now articles.

This blog writing job is only a start to helping me get back on my feet since my biggest freelance writing mistake. You can bet I won’t make that mistake again, because I’m still going to hunt for more writing jobs every night. I’ll also continue to pray over each e-mail I send, and like I did last night, I’ll continue to thank God for all the writing jobs he sends my way.

Now that I’ve shared my good news with you about my hunt for writing jobs, I have to get back to work. Even though I’ve finished my blog post for Teevieo, I still have some other things on my to-do list to work on. Until next time, friends, may you too be blessed!


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