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When I need a break from writing, or even inspiration, I enter the blogsphere and read other writers’ blogs. I usually visit the same blogs every time, but I do, on occasion, search for new blogs by other writers. Plus, when a writer comments on my blog and leaves the URL to their blog, I’ll return the favor and visit them as well; I’ve found some interesting blogs this way. With all that said, I’ve decided to share my list of other writers’ blogs with you tonight. If you know of an interesting blog by another writer, or even a good blog about freelance writing, feel free to comment and let me know about it.

In no particular order, here’s the list of other writers’ blogs that I visit frequently. Also included are some great blogs related to the craft of writing, which I also visit frequently:

April Aragam’s Blog
All Freelance Writing
Writers in the Sky
Fab Freelance Writing
Writing Spark
Jenna Glatzer’s Blog
Writer Beware
Julia Temlyn’s Blog
A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye
Get Paid to Write Online

And there you have it, my list of other writers’ blogs, as well as some great freelance writing blogs. Now you know what I do when I should be writing. Oh well, it’s not a secret anymore. I could have kept it a secret, but I couldn’t resist sharing my list of what I believe to be some great blogs. If you visit them, leave a comment and let them know I referred ya 😉

Happy reading!


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