Prayer Request & Message to Readers/Fans

I’m sending this blog post to reach all my readers/fans, as well as all of you out there who are Christians and attend church.

I’m not sure where to begin right now or what to say, so I’ll just start at the beginning…

…On Thursday night my father’s place of employment called to tell me they had to take my dad home from work because he was confused and hallucinating (seeing things that weren’t there). You have to know my dad to know that he’s one of those older men that’s very stubborn when it comes to doctors. Everyone suspected something was wrong with dad, but he kept telling us he was ok. Well, after his place of employment phoned me, I made a trip to my father’s house Thursday afternoon to check on him (he lives alone and likes to be independent).

When my husband and I arrived at my father’s Thursday evening, Dad was a bit confused, seeing double and hallucinating — he also complained of a severe headache and said he would go to the doctor Friday morning, because work told him he needed a doctor’s release to return (it was the only way they knew to get him to see a doctor). To make a long story short, my husband and I finally convinced dad to come home with us so I could take care of him (he didn’t need to be alone).

After Kevin and I got dad to our house Thursday evening, dad’s condition and state of mind got worse. We managed to get him to visit the ER late that night. The ER staff took him back pretty quickly and ran tests. The results came back and they said he had Lymphoma, which is cancer in the blood. His White Blood Cell count was 0, so they admitted him to the hospital and put him in reverse isolation. (We have to wear masks because his immune system is very low.)

I had been up all night with dad and finally left the hospital when he was settled in his room early Friday morning. My brother arrived at the hospital not long after my husband and I left. I tried to go home to rest, but the phone continued to ring. They discovered that the cancer had spread throughout my father’s body, so they arranged to transfer him to Heartland Regional Medical Center in Marion, Illinois. I ended up getting up to make phone calls and then headed into town to take care of things there.

Once a bed opened up in the ICU in Marion sometime late Friday afternoon, dad was transfered by ambulance to the hospital in Marion, Illinois (about and 45 minute drive from my home). With all of this going on and the newest developments that had taken place, I was unable to contact my clients, respond to e-mails or send a message to my readers and fans as I had planned to do until now.

Anyway, with dad’s condition the way it is at the present time, I won’t be online writing or working as much as I had been until things get better. We have been told that dad’s cancer is treatable, but we are waiting for them to run more tests for answers and etc., before they’ll begin treatment. They need to know if the cancer has spread to his brain as they suspect — in addition to other things to help him.

That said, please forgive me as I may not be online as often answering e-mails, fan mails and blogging. I will continue to do what I can to take care of my clients’ needs and will log in when I can to check e-mails and fan mail, but I may not reply until things calm down and we know more answers. Right now the only e-mails I will make a priority will be from my paying clients’, because God knows I’m going to need to keep working as I’ll have to move dad in with me to care for him once he’s released from the hospital.

On a final note, if you attend church and have a prayer list, please place my father on your prayer lists and pray for him. His name is Phillip Bailey (known as Cuz to many). And again, bear with me if you send e-mail or fan mail and do not receive a response right away, or if you’re subscribed to any of my blogs, newsletters or e-zines (they may not go out as scheduled).

Thank you in advance for listening, understanding and for your prayers,

Misti Sandefur, Christian Author / Freelance Journalist


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