Pulling Out The Old Typewriter

I got to missing my old typewriter, so I dug it out of the closet today. I was amazed that after so many years the thing still worked!

Placing a piece of paper into the typewriter, positioning myself in my chair, and placing my fingers on the keyboard, I begin to type. Oops… Boy that isn’t even a word. Let me try this again. Wow, that didn’t work either.

Let me remind you that I’m usually a pretty fair typer at 50-60 words per minute. However, I had forgotten the feel of an electric typewriter, and boy did I goof up. The computer keyboard has a different feel to it, and when I sat down to type on the typewriter… well, I guess you can say I forgot how to type with a typewriter. Just going to have to practice again until I get the feel for it. It won’t take long I’m sure.

Do you still have your old typewriter? Having an urge to go back to the days when typewriters was all we had to write with? Well then, go pull that old typewriter back out; you’ll be amazed how much different it feels! And who knows, maybe I won’t be the only one who forgot how to type on a typewriter.

Post your comments to let me know if you pulled your old typewriter out, and let me know if your experience was the same as mine. 😉


One thought on “Pulling Out The Old Typewriter

  1. Hi!
    Summerwriter here again. I know my nick is different in my blog and so on but Summerwriter is my nick in AW so you know it is me.

    When I was a little girl I wrote much with 2 fingers (currently I am typing with 10) and always someone got married and someone else got punished. I had a desire to write but desire to work deeper with my text…oh no. I had none of that. But I have had it later.

    The typewriter I had was…you had to use it by hand and there was that…tape, I think. The tape included the ink. So there I sat, typing days and nights. And sometimes no one was able to sleep. Why? Because the mechanical typewriter makes so much noise.

    Later I got the one where was a correcting tape too. And the one with correcting tape did not work without electricity. I still have it. But I must admit I do not use it much. And yes, it feels different from my computer keyboard. But I like both, even I use my computer more than the electronic typewriter.

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