Rambling About the Writing Business

I hope you all had a good Valentine’s Day! I got a huge bear from my husband; I collect bears. At least this stuffed bear isn’t breakable. My other bears are, and now some of them seem to be missing legs, arms and other body parts. Of course some have also been glued back together, but I still have them.

This is proving to be a good year for me. It’s keeping me pretty busy writing and trying to keep up with Article Distribution Services. Though it’s a lot of work, I enjoy it. Writing is something I have a lot of desire for and enjoy very much. It really warms my heart to have the assignments I currently have lined up. I honestly don’t know if I could face working outside of my home again. I like sitting here at my computer in my pajamas writing to my heart’s content. There’s no one looking over my shoulder, and the only people I have to answer to are my clients. The thing I love the most is I’m doing something I love.

What I really enjoy about writing is learning new things. There’s an old saying: “write what you know.” For a long time I use to do just that, but later I wanted to write more than just what I know. I wanted to learn new things, and then write about what I learned. I spend a lot of time researching the internet for things I want to know more about. Let’s say I want to find out about stock option investing, I can visit websites and learn all about stock option investing. Then later I can write what I’ve learned (using my own words) and sell it to magazines, newsletters, webmasters or anyone looking to buy an article on stock option investing.

I don’t just pick any topic at random and research it. I choose topics that I want to learn about. If I were to pick a topic I have absolutely no interest at all in, I wouldn’t learn a thing. It would be boring to me because I have no interest in it.

Are you tired of “writing what you know?” Think about something you would like to learn about and research it. Remember, make sure it’s a topic you’re interested in, because if you have no real interest in it, it probably won’t work out for you. I’ll help you out a bit. Do you have an interest in gold? Good, now you need to find some information on gold, information such as the price of gold, types of gold or etc. There are many websites out there that can help you. Just use the search engine and enter the terms you want to learn. For instance, you can enter “types of gold,” “price of gold” or just gold. The information is out there, you just have to have the desire to look for it.

I’ve got to go now. I have deadlines to meet and thoughts to write down.


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