Reality TV

Like many others, I too am a reality tv junky. I watch Survivor, both apprentices, Big Brother, Amazing Race, and many others. I think I drive my husband crazy, he says he’s really getting tired of these shows, but yet I catch him from time-to-time getting into them just as much — though he’ll never admit he likes some of them too.

I need your input here folks, so if you’re shy about posting comments just email me, please. Here’s the deal, I’m considering starting another blog. You will still be able to read about my writing life, but I have also pondered the idea of starting up a reality tv blog too. This blog will cover highlights from the shows (for those of you who may miss a show), and I’ll even talk about my takes on the show too. Here’s where you’re help is needed, tell me what you think (would you be interested in this blog), and since I don’t watch every single reality show, and can’t cover them all, tell me the reality tv shows you watch the most. Keep in mind when posting your comments, or emailing me on this issue, I no longer have cable so I don’t watch those, I watch the ones that are on local television stations (see above).

I’ll wait to hear from you on this one. And if this is something the majority of you would like to see I’ll be starting the blog real soon. I look forward to hearing from you.


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