Guess what I discovered when I opened my email this evening? That’s right, a rejection to an article I submitted. It’s been a while since I received a rejection, but I was grateful there were no bad comments attached. All it said was my submission didn’t fit their editorial needs at this time. Rejection is a part of the writing process, and I guess I was due for one since it’s been a while. That’s okay, though, I’ll just update my files, re-submit the article to another publication and hope for the best next time around.

Changing the subject, I would like to thank everyone who commented on my computer frustration. Wendy suggested I invest in a laptop, which is something I have been pondering for a while now. I have even shopped around and I must say, Wendy, you were right on target when you said, “laptops are not cheap.”

Besides having a laptop for backup, it would also come in handy when I’m on the go. Right now I’m saving for my husband’s birthday present, but once I get that, I think I’ll take Wendy’s advice and save for a new laptop. I don’t run on dial-up anymore. Instead, I have DSL, so I’m not certain if there are laptops out there that hook-up to DSL. If any of you know about laptops, feel free to let me know if there are any that I can hook-up to DSL, and also what would you recommend for a writer?

I must get back to my writing now, but I will blog again soon.


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