Have you missed me? I didn’t think so.[superemotions file=”icon_wink.gif” title=”Wink”] But just in case you did, I’m back now and ready to chat. Wondering what I’ve been up to? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. I’ve been a busy little bee again, but this time I’ve slacked off the writing for just a little while. I still write every little bit, and will still make my deadlines for the projects I’ve already got lined up, but what I’ve been doing the most is remodeling my author site. Yeap, that’s right folks, I’m remodeling again. I don’t know why, but I never can leave the website alone; maybe it’s because I enjoy building them so much, who knows.

You see, I’m moving my site to a new host, a paying host (I think I’ve mentioned this once already, so I won’t dwell on it). Now, my URL will stay the same. I’m just moving to a new host, and in the process of moving, I’ve decided to go with a new look, which I think you’ll like. Once I get things completed, I will let you know so you can have a look and let me know your thoughts.

Like I said, I have still been writing a bit too; I can’t put a total stop on that. The writing I have been doing is writing on my reality TV shows. If you’ve been keeping up with those, there are some new ones up, and you can view them all here. In addition to the reality TV shows, I have three other articles not related to the reality TV world: Marketing Your Way to Success, Top 10 Graduation Gifts and Annual Festivals in Southern Illinois. Be sure to check them all out, rate them and leave your comments before you leave. The Top 10 Graduation Gifts is based on a survey I did with past and upcoming graduates. If you know someone who is getting ready to graduate and you have no idea what to buy them, this article should help you decide.

Well, it’s back to remodeling for me. As always, never give up on your dreams, work toward them.


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