School is Back in Session

With school back in session, the pile of work on my desk is decreasing. Speaking of school, it’s amazing how much information we can’t remember after we’ve been out of school for so long. Plus, school has changed a lot over the years. I bring this up because the other night my husband, my children and I were all sitting in the living room waiting for Big Brother to come on, and while waiting,  we struck up a conversation on states and their capitals. My daughter is 13, and she’s already had to memorize all the states and capitals for school, however, my boys are in the fourth grade, and according to my daughter, they will have to know these next year.

Our conversation turned into a learning session. (I guess you could say we were giving the boys a head start on their states and capitals.) During the lesson, my husband named a state and whoever knew the capital of that state shouted it out. Well, guess who failed this learning session? Yeap, me. I only knew the capital of three states, and for the life of me, I couldn’t remember any others. However, when one of the others shouted the correct answer, I smacked myself in the forehead and said, “Duh!” I remembered the capitals as soon as they revealed the answers. Needless to say, I felt dumb at that moment, but I really felt dumb when my 13-year-old daughter knew more than me. [superemotions file=”icon_redface.gif” title=”Redfaced / Embarassed”]

Yeap, I’ll tell ya the three states I knew the capital of: Illinois was the first one I knew, and Ishould know it since it’s my home state. The capital of Illinois is Springfield. And the other two states I knew the capital of were Kentucky (Frankfort) and North Carolina (Raleigh). Go ahead, see what you remember without looking them up. What states in the United States do you remember the capitals of? I’ll bet even you remember more than I did. Have fun!


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